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The Institute of Hyperbaric Medicine and Equipment (Hyperbaric Center) is the leader in Russia in the area of hyperbaric therapy and machinery.

The history of Hyperbaric Center started in 1963, when the first Laboratory of Artificial Oxygenations was founded in Russia, which has been later re-organized into All-Union Hyperbaric Oxygenation Center. In 1991 the latter has become an independent institution under the name of Center (Institute) of Hyperbaric Medicine and Equipment. Under new market economy the Center has not only preserved its leading role, but substantially expanded its business.

The Hyperbaric Center permanently employs about 50 highly qualified experts. Is also engages leading Russian experts in hyperbaric treatment techniques and equipment to participate in various projects.

Hyperbaric Center in a multi-profile enterprise, covering the whole range of hyperbaric medicine (medical and technical research and development programs, practical medicine, maintenance of medical equipment, development of standards and methodological documentation, training of specialists, etc.). The Hyperbaric Center also has a Testing Laboratory for Hyperbaric Equipment, certified by the Ministry of Health and Federal Agency of Technical Regulations and Metrology of Russia.

Hyperbaric Center is also implementing the potential of hyperbaric apparatuses, manufactured by Russian and international manufactures, as well as other medical equipment.

Hyperbaric Center renders treatment and prevention medical services both to adults and children by means of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HOT) in medical pressure chambers (hyperbaric apparatuses).

Engineering and technical activities of Hyperbaric Center include:

  1. Participation in R&D projects; design and modernization of medical pressure chambers, of other medical devices and equipment;
  2. Commissioning, definitive, certificating and other technical tests; projects for design, assembly, installation, start-up, adjustment, maintenance and repair of Russian and foreign hyperbaric apparatuses and other medical equipment;
  3. Expertise in industrial safety at hazardous production facilities and expert evaluation of design documentation for such facilities;
  4. Projects for design, installation, assembly, start-up and testing of sources and networks, which supply hospitals and health centers by oxygen and other gases, used for treatment, as well as development and installation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems;
  5. Also publishes the scientific and practical «Hyperbaric Physiology and Medicine» journal, as well as methodological documentation, standards etc, in the field of hyperbaric medicine.
  6. Training of physicians, engineers and nurses is conducted by Hyperbaric Center at HOT Department of Qualification Improvement Institute, as well as at outreach courses.

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